Zero Gravity Outreach

Jordan Ives and his family are proud supporters of Zero Gravity Action Sports Outreach.  Jordan's older brother Ben Ives is a part of the organization.

Zero Gravity Outreach is an action packed, extreme, positive, Christ centered, 501c3 Non-Profit organization.

Zero Gravity Action Sports Outreach is a collective of live action sports outreach events, motivational speaking programs, positive high energy music, and unique high quality video that has the ability to be incredibly powerful on many levels. We have many talented individuals on our team to accomplish this. From action sports athletes, videographers, and digital media professionals, to musical artists, and motivational speakers who share in our same vision. All of us are connected through our common interests in extreme sports and music, but bigger yet by Christ who has given us all a passion to reach a generation in much need of our help. The end result is an action sports outreach team unlike any other organization today.

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