Meet our Team

Jordan Ives

Jordan Ives is a 15yr old race car driver from Gladstone, MI.  Growing up in a family who has been involved in racing for many generations and being around race cars since birth, Jordan developed a passion to race at a very young age. 

Jordan started out racing motorbikes at the age of 5, within the past few years he shifted his focus to micro-sprint cars where he excelled, and won several championships. 

In the summer of 2012, fresh off of 2 championships during the winter in the 600cc micro sprint class, Jordan made his move into super late models.  Winning 8 races at Norway Speedway, and earning "Rookie of the Year" in the super late model class.  Jordan also ran his 600cc micro sprint on the dirt at UPIR that summer & won the championship in his class.

The 2013 racing season started in the winter for Jordan as he raced his 600cc micro sprint with studed tires on an ice track in the Coca Cola Zero Great Lakes Ice Racing Series.  Running as the previous year champion he came close to winning it all again, as he tied for the most points, but took 2nd place in the championship due to 1 less victory, which was the tie breaker.  

Jordan Ives has proved that he can wheel a car, but he is as humble as he is talented. Jordan loves the Lord, and is thankful for what he has been blessed with in his racing career so far.  Jordan knows that God has a plan for his life, and drives with that in mind.

Steve Ives
Dad / Team Owner/ Mechanic

Steve Ives is Jordan's dad & the race team owner.  He is also the owner of Ives Truck & Auto Repair, Inc. 

Steve will race anything and has raced everything!  He was a very competitive late model racer and started racing late models at age 16.  He was known for being full of energy and racing like an animal. 

Steve won his first championship when he was 22 yrs old at Escanaba Speedway in 1985
He has raced against national racing legends Mark Martin, Dick Trickle, Alan Kulwicki, Bobby Allison, Joe Shear, Jim Reffner, and more.  He has also raced against the UP Greats Bobby Iverson, Jamie Iverson, Duke Gardner, MIke Gardner, Gene Coleman, Mike Kelly, and a long list of excellent racers. 

Steve helped his brother Greg Ives get into late model racing, who was also a very competitive late model racer, 5 time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion as Jimmy Johnson's engineer, and currently working for Junior Motorsports as Regan Smith's Crew Chief in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. 

Greg Ives
Uncle/ Engineer/ Consultant

Greg Ives is Jordan's uncle and a huge supporter of Jordan Ives Racing.  Greg has helped Jordan with car setup, testing at tracks, and given him an overall insight on what it takes to succeed in racing.
Greg was also a very competitive late model racer and came close to winning the track championship at Norway Speedway several times. 
  After graduating from Michigan Tech University with a degree in Engineering, Greg headed to North Carolina to pursue his NASCAR dreams.  In 2004 he landed a job on the 24/48 team as a mechanic and moved into an engineering role for the No. 48 team in 2006.  Greg has been part of NASCAR history winning 5 consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Championships as Jimmy Johnson's engineer. 

Greg is currenty working for Junior Motorsports.  As the Crew Chief for Regan Smith, Ives guided the team to two victories, eight top-five and 19 top-10 finishes en route to a third-place finish in the NASCAR Nationwide Series drivers’ standings in 2013.  Recently Greg took the reins as crew chief for Chase Elliott and the No. 9 NAPA team in 2014.
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Ben Ives
Brother/ Marketing & Media/ General Managment

Ben Ives is Jordan's brother and helps manage the team.  Most of his focus at JIR is on marketing, media, promotions, & sponsor relations. 

Ben also has racing experience, he ran a 600cc micro sprint car, winning several races, and took 2nd in points at UPIR in 2010.  He has taken a few years off to spend more time with his wife Kelsey and 6 year old daughter Eliana, but plans to return to some limited action on the dirt and ice.

Ben works full time at Ives Truck & Auto Repair, Inc as an office manager dealing primarily with customer accounts, vendor accounts, and general book keeping.  Ben has a passion for sharing the love of Christ with others and serves on a non-profit faith based action sports team, Zero Gravity Outreach.

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Roger Ives
Grandpa/ Mechanic

Roger Ives is Steve and Greg's dad as well as Ben and Jordan's grandfather.  Roger was a co-founder of Ives Truck & Auto Repair with his son Steve. 

Roger got involved in circle track racing in the late 60's early 70's, and he also drag raced with his brothers.  Roger helped his son Steve break into racing street stocks when Steve was 16, and late models when he turned 18.  Together they traveled to several tracks including Norway Speedway, Escanaba Speedway, and Wisconsin International Raceway.  In 1985 when Steve was 22 yrs old they won the late model Championship at Escanaba Speedway. 

The two of them raced together for many years and helped Greg Ives begin his late model racing career at Norway Speedway, which bloomed into a sucsessful career in NASCAR with Hendricks Motorsports.  

Roger has since retired from Ives Truck & Auto Repair.  He enjoys spending time with his wife Barb, 8 children, and 15 grandchildren.  His hobbies are ice fishing, hunting, and racing.  Roger continues to help keep the family name involved in racing as he is a very knowledgable mechanic for Jordan Ives Racing with years of hands on experiance, but most of all a loving supporter of his grandson Jordan's racing aspirations.

Ray Gardner

Crew Chief/ Car setup
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Jay Baumler

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