Becoming a race team sponsor is a big step for any company, regardless of size or budget.  Jordan Ives Racing takes pride in making sure each sponsor’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded.
Our team becomes an extension of the marketing department of our sponsoring corporations or organizations. Our involvement can be as extensive as our sponsors desire and can include everything from television, print and radio advertisement campaigns, social media campaigns, show car appearances, and driver and team appearances to sponsor promotion events and other marketing services.  Our marketing department can also create high definition video campaigns to promote our sponsor as well as professional audio campaigns for radio, all done in house, from start to finish.
While Jordan Ives Racing is particular about who it accepts sponsorship from, those who do share the vision, philosophy, and goals of the team will receive a non-stop professional effort from the driver, crew and office staff. We guarantee we will work hard and represent each sponsor with dedication, devotion and integrity, regardless of the size of their sponsorship contract.
Please contact our marketing division if you are interested in being part of our team.
Ben Ives