Jordan Reaches Over 1,000 Facebook Likes

Click on the picture below to view Jordan's entry video:

Jordan Ives Racing' video entry into the Champion Spark Plugs "Search For A Champion" contest has reached over 1,000 Facebook likes and growing.  

"Thumbs up" (pun intended) to all who have liked, shared, viewed, & voted for Jordan's entry. 

Please continue to share the video on all of your social media sites, and if you have a grandma or grandpa who love racing, but hate social media technology, take a stop by their house and show them the video!  Shoot, sign them up with an email & get them voting! 

To all of the grandmothers & grandfathers who are "Techies"
tech·ie also tek·kie  (tk)
n. Informal One who studies or is highly interested or proficient in a technical field, especially electronics.

Our race helmets are off to you, you rock! 

All playing aside, we really appreciate you all!

Visit Jordan Ives Racing Facebook page and "like" him there as well.