Island Resort & Casino Stateline Challenge

The season opener at Norway Speedway on Friday night had it's highs & lows for Jordan Ives Racing.  The team was unsure of how the new car would handle, as testing was limited on the new setup.  Running a different shock package than the car was setup for (as one of the shocks failed) turned out to be a struggle throughout the night.  When Jordan went out for qualifying the car was very loose and his best time was 14.837, placing him 19th fastest.

Jordan started in the front row of his qualifier race which had a ton of fast cars, and he managed to stay out front for most of the race while wrestling the car on turns 3 and 4, as he was loose in and tight coming out.  Jordan's quickest lap of the race 14.641 came during lap 8 and was only bested by Dalton Zehr's 14.410 during lap 17.  He went on to finish 2nd behind Dalton.

The feature race was a struggle the whole way through for Jordan, starting with the car pushing right off of the track on turn 3 during the 2nd lap.  The car continued to give Jordan a fight as the laps turned, but he stayed in the race accomplishing goal #1 for the year to "finish every race."  Jordan finished 11th out of 18 cars in the feature.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the team on Friday night & we look forward to sharing the rest of the race season with you.