New Sponsor - Floline Media Joins the Team!

Jordan Ives racing is very proud to have Floline Media as part of the team for 2013!

Floline Media has 18+ years of experiance in website development, video production, photography, design, and other services. 

The owner of Floline Media as well as NJ Freelance is Nick Jensen, a Gladstone, MI native and good friend of the Ives family. 

Nick has several years of Computer Science programming background from Olivet College and Michigan Tech University.   Floline media is currently working on it's new studio in the Kingsford Area.  It featues a full infinity room, along with green screen and large garage door access for shooting large products and even vehicles.

Jordan Ives Racing's website is a product of Floline Media's excellent work.  We look forward to working on some neat projects with these guys throughout the race season!

Click on the their name below (or their logo in the sponsors column) to find out more about Floline Media's great services!

FLOLINE MEDIA "Flowing With The Timeline of Technology"

If you're looking to gain media exposure for your own race team, company, organization, or hobbie, Floline Media has you covered!